Ein Geiler Abend im M8 (Mainz ) mit Psychera und Misanthropic und EInem Publikum, das nicht nur zuhörte sondern auchmitging. Thank you All for sharing stage and Spirit
Beste Stimmung in der Harley Garage mit Re-Machined! Thanks to Great rockers on and off Stage!
Vaultaire release party March 23: a unique Space of hospitalty vibrant with authentic people and authentic music.
Palais Palatine im Oktober 2021in Neustadt an der weinstraße Asn meets elektro Festival.
Vaultaire party september23: rockin thx to Vaultaire, Granny Meat Stone Shit and One Last Legacy for sharing stage, sweat and stories. we had a blast with a fantastic audience who value and celebrate musical energy the way it should.
A night to remember three great bands. a Blast of metal and grunge Rock from our hearts and souls to all the people at the legendary oberhaus Alzey. Thank you all for keeping the fire alight on that cold winter night!
IMPRESSUM: Götz Krämer - Hauptstraße 79 - 67098 Bad Dürkheim